Kennet & Avon H3 COVID-21 Trail Pod Organiser and Logger✍️

Hare needs to enter approximate start time of trail. If the trail is still 12:00 then just change it to 12:01 for this mesaage to disappear. On On!

Welcome back to the Kennet And Avon Covid-21 Trail, 30 Person Pod Organiser. The date of the next Trail is Wednesday 17th of August 2022. The approximate start time of trail is not yet available.

* Hare can change start time of trail.

Hashers can create up to five, 30 person Pods.
Minimum time between two Pods is 10 minutes to maintain social distancing.
A Pod Start Time can be changed when it is empty:

Six person Pod Hashers do this πŸ‘‡
Wanna Hash with someone else? Then enter/Select your name to be added to a created Pod:

Single Hashers do this πŸ‘‡
Hashing alone? Then enter/Select your name and when you intend starting the hash:

**** πŸš› Remove yourself from a POD πŸš› ****

Bristol Greyhound PODS Bristol Greyhound PODS


Please note: No F****** Riff Raff