Bristol H3 COVID-19 POD Organiser

* Facility to add/remove yourself to/from pods

* Pods are immediately updated and displayed

* Duplicate entries across all Pods are ignored (alert is displayed)

* The next Bristol Hash is on Sunday 1st of November 2020 10:50:00 AM

* Pod entries are cleared automatically on Sunday 1st of November 2020 01:10:00 PM

* Pod intervals are 5 minutes apart

* Pods 10:55 and 11:05 are blocked until Pods 10:50, 11:00 and 11:10 are full

Enter/Select your name and pod (pods 10:55 and 11:05 are not available until the others are full):

Pod 10:50

NumberHasherBooking Time Stamp
1Il Duce25-10-2020 13:58:55
2Shiggy V28-10-2020 17:23:32
3Sue You26-10-2020 11:22:22
4Waynetta26-10-2020 17:37:07

Pod 11:00

NumberHasherBooking Time Stamp
1HBK29-10-2020 10:18:12
2Lunchi26-10-2020 11:49:47
3Massive25-10-2020 18:28:53
4Spider27-10-2020 07:59:22
5Wolfie27-10-2020 15:07:38

Pod 11:10

NumberHasherBooking Time Stamp
1Fondue29-10-2020 18:22:52

**** Remove yourself from a POD ****

Hash start times are automatically recalculated every week

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