Bristol H3 COVID-21 Trail Pod Organiser and Logger ✍️

Welcome to the Bristol Lock Down Trail 6 Person Pod Organiser. The next Bristol Lock Down Trail starts from Sunday 18th of April 2021 10:30:00 AM. Pods can be recycled throughout the day until Monday 19th of April 2021 10:30:00 AM

* Pods created so far are: Pod 10:45, Pod 11:00, and Pod 10:30

Hashers can create up to six Pods. Each Pod can have 6 hashers. Pods are automatically recycled 30 minutes after their start time.
Minimum time between two Pods is 5 minutes to maintain social distancing.
A Pod Start Time can be changed when it is empty:

Six person Pod Hashers do this πŸ‘‡
Wanna Hash with someone else? Then enter/Select your name to be added to a created Pod:

Single Hashers do this πŸ‘‡
Hashing alone? Then enter/Select your name and when you intend starting the hash:

Pod 10:45

NumberHasherBooking Time Stamp
1shiggy12-04-2021 09:53:51
2Sue You12-04-2021 09:54:01

Pod 11:00

NumberHasherBooking Time Stamp
1Dr Z12-04-2021 21:00:17
2Massive12-04-2021 10:03:16
3Sir LUNCHi12-04-2021 12:05:19
4Waynetta12-04-2021 13:32:06
Those Hashing By Themselves
NumberHasherEstimated Start Time
1Boo Boo18-04-2021 10:30:00

Count Down To Start Of Hash:

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