Bristol H3 COVID-21 Trail Pod Organiser and Logger ✍️

Welcome to the Bristol covid 30 Person Pod Organiser. The next Bristol trail starts at Sunday 5th of December 2021 10:30:00 AM. Pods can be recycled throughout the day until Monday 6th of December 2021 10:30:00 AM

* There are currently no scheduled hashers.

Hashers can create up to six Pods. Each Pod can have up to 30 hashers. Pods are automatically recycled 30 minutes after their start time.
Minimum time between two Pods is 5 minutes to maintain social distancing.
A Pod Start Time can be changed when it is empty:

Six person Pod Hashers do this πŸ‘‡
Wanna Hash with someone else? Then enter/Select your name to be added to a created Pod:

Single Hashers do this πŸ‘‡
Hashing alone? Then enter/Select your name and when you intend starting the hash:

Count Down To Start Of Hash but not with Prince Harry:

**** πŸš› Remove yourself from a POD πŸš›****

Bristol Greyhound PODS Bristol Greyhound PODS

What else is there to do?


Please note: No F****** Riff Raff

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