Hursley H3 COVID-19 POD Organiser

* Facility to add/remove yourself to/from pods

* Pods are immediately updated and displayed

* Duplicate entries across all Pods are ignored (alert is displayed)

* The next Hursley Hash is on Sunday 5th of December 2021 10:00:00 AM and can be changed/updated at the bottom of this page

* Pod entries are cleared automatically on Sunday 5th of December 2021 04:00:00 PM

* Pod intervals are currently 20 mins apart. This can be changed at the bottom of this page

Enter/Select your name and pod ( non full pods are selectable ):

**** Remove yourself from a POD ****

Hash start times are automatically recalculated every two weeks. So when the date of the hash has passed then the next hash is automatically administrated.

Change Pod Interval minutes:

Worthy Winchester PODS Worthy Winchester PODs


Please note: No F****** Riff Raff